Top-class sliding systems in Bydgoszcz
Sliding systems (tilt and slide doors) are an excellent, technologically advanced alternative to traditional doors. Large glass areas make the rooms not only a significant amount of sunlight, but also create a feeling of open space, visually enlarging the interior. Although the various types of doors is quite a lot, there are many benefits from the use of sliding systems.

The main advantage of sliding systems used in balcony doors is the fact that they not limit space inside during opening, since the door leaf is aligned to the other one. Same door leaf when moving is slightly raised, which reduces friction between the doorstep and the gaskets. This provides a convenient and quiet usage. Some of the available systems have the ability to use additional low doorstep, which provides even greater comfort and almost flat transition to the outside.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Stolmar  which includes modern windows and sliding doors in Bydgoszcz, belonging to the two sliding systems with excellent reputation – PSK and HST.

The terrace tilt and slide system PSK

Sliding windows and doors in the PSK system - Stolmar Bydgoszcz

Balcony doors with tilt and slide PSK system

Windows and patio sliding tilt PSK are an interesting solution for traditional double-leaf balconies. A different and modern feature is provided in these doors mechanism that allows both the opening and tilting of the leaf. Their another big advantage is the lack of limiting the living space by preventing the opening of windows inwards. At the PSK doors rotation is parallel to the fixed leaf, one wing of which is motionless
and the other one is movable. Such solutions are becoming more popular not only in Bydgoszcz or Poland, but also in many countries.

Lift and slide HST door system

Lift and slide doors in HST system - Stolmar Bydgoszcz

Lift and slide balcony doors in PSK system

Tilst and slide HST balcony doors are used wherever  the spacious building, devoid of any barriers, is important. A different and innovative feature is door mechanism which allows both sliding the leaf and lifting it up. Another great advantage is lack of limits of living space.

At the HST  doors the movement occurs parallel to the fixed leaf – one leaf is fixed and the other one – movable. Large glass surfaces provide a constant flow of light into the room. The glass also seems to be directly connected with the floor because the doorstep is almost invisible and it looks like there is no border between the inner and outer world.