NEXT windows system

Modern window profile
GEALAN launches the new combination of profiles in color (system S 9000) for passive houses, which was extensively examined by the Institute for Window Technology in Rosenheim. This allow the partners of GEALAN manufacture colorful passive windows from the standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel reinforcements in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Window Technology in Rosenheim WA-15/2.

GEALAN-FUTURA allows implementation of leafs in color with a maximum height of 2.20 m and using a STV? bonding technique – up to 2.40 m. In this way the GEALAN partners, for the first time, are able to obtain a complete set of standard products for windows both white and color with excellent thermal insulation properties.

The new product has a thermal insulation characteristics with Uf = 0.95 W / m?K, which has been confirmed in tests by the Institute for Window Technology in Rosenheim. These xcellent results have been achieved thanks to the innovative design profile and balanced, well considered use of IKD? in the frame. Furthermore, by reinforcements on the 2 mm thickness walls, both in high frame of 84 mm face width and a standard leaf, GEALAN-FUTURA meets the requirements for static in colorful windows. At the same time a secure connection between the frame and steel is secured.


GEALAN-FUTURA is an S900 integrated system platform, offering the comprehensive solutions to modern windows, entrance doors, and since 2014 to the tilt and slide doors also. S 9000 Kombi system with three seals combines the advantages and features of the central and rebate gasket and equally can be used both in new and old buildings. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, to the advantages you may include many details which include simple and economical installation. To the shape of the newly developed profile geometry, in addition to the already known features of the system GEALAN, the new and innovative details were added: optimization for thermal insulation 26mm height of the rebate, versatile 6-chamber profile frames construction, leafs and posts and strengthen the walls of the frame within the screw connections fittings.

System S 9000 shines not only in the category for easy installation. Closed circuit of plastics materials which are fully renewable and the use of proven over the years concept of materials for the construction of plastic windows. Besides, thanks to a depth of 83 mm door frame, S 9000 is fully integrated into the GEALAN system environment. You can enjoy also a range of additional profiles.

“GEALAN is among the first providers of windows systems from plastic, which proved that has products which meet the requirements of the latest directive RAL-GZ 716. Also, new Kombisystem S 9000 successfully passed the comprehensive inspection procedures carried out on 16 samples. This ensures installation companies the quality, durability and reliability. ” – explain the representatives of Gealan.

HST 9000 design

Designed by GEALAN the HST 9000 system design fits perfectly into the current trends of large architectural glazing.

Efficient lighting of rooms and additional earnings power derived from solar energy are the canons of modern buildings. Thanks to an innovative leaf design in the fixed element of the doors in HST 9000 DESIGNthe interior has even more light, and the HST doors gain light and subtle appearance.

In this solution, the normal leaf in fixed segment of lift and slide HST door is replaced by a profile of a glass of which the width of the face compared to the normal side is reduced by over 50%. Large glass area and increased HST 9000 DESIGN dimension (height up to 2.5m for color version and up to 2.6m for the white version) offer great opportunities for design.