The offer on the door with fillings of Rodenberg and Veyna
Stolmar company offer also external doors with fillings of RODENBERG and VEYNA.

Their uniqueness makes the front of the house a real showcase. The use of high-grade materials for the doors which are resistant to sunlight makes that filling, even after many years, maintain a beautiful appearance. Our door fillings are modern designed,with high aesthetics, the possibility of create any shape, the highest security and long lifespan.

Rodenberg entrance doors

Rodenberg doors

Entrance doors

Entrance doors with Rodenberg filling

We offer three possible variants of doors with RODENBERG fillings for convenient of the userrequirements. We distinguish between followimg fillings: put unilateral or bilateral filling transparently. Typically, door panels are inserted in their wing.

We offer Rodenberg door fillings in four series of manufacturer design:

  • Modern Series
  • Klassisch Series
  • Exklusiv Series
  • Glas & Eleganz Series

Presentation of the fillings and the door models you can find here.

Veyna aluminium doors

Veyna Doors

Entrance doors

Entrance doors with Veyna filling

We offer five possible variants of entrance doors with aluminum fillings form VEYNA adjusted to the requirements of the most demanding users. We distinguish between lines: Classic, Economic, New, Extra and Fashion. Door fillings are both with glass elements and full.

We offer Veyna fillings in two series of manufacturer design: