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Windows located in the wall or on the roof primarily need to ensure sufficient daylight in the room and the good view from the house on the surrounding area. For centuries almost every single window was able to fulfill these conditions. However, nowadays demands are much higher. Windows panes should not only provide visibility, but also be characterized by parameters similar to the walls of the building in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and protection against burglary.

Glass that we use in the production of our windows meet all these criteria.

For the construction of glazing units can there can be used various types of glass, to choose the most desired parameters of window.

Standard glazing unit

It is made from float glass. It is characterized by a very smooth, polished surface. What is more it is more flexible and durable than previously used window glass. The con of such a single piece of glass is a very poor thermal insulation. The advantage – excellent transparency (at least 82%).

Thermofloat (anti-solar) glazing unit

Commonly called thermofloat has unilaterally precious metal oxides coating applied over the entire surface . This metal layer is quite soft and is places inside the glazing unit so there is no fear that it could be damaged, eg. by scratching. The coating reflects heat inside the room radiated from heaters and light bulbs, as well as emitted by people, animals and other objects.

This window pane is placed in the package from the side of the room. One of the advantage include a reduction in heat loss up to 30% (compared to standard glass) and reduction of the effects of condensation caused by increasing of the temperature of the glass. There are some disadvantages however, like limiting the amount of light reaching the interior (up to 25%) and a fairly high price.

?Protective glazing unit

It is designed to protect people from serious injury in case if it is wrecked. The tempered glass (which shatters into small pieces with blunt edges, like some windows in cars), laminated, glued with resin or reinforced with wire mesh (after shattering these still are one element) is applied. The degree of strength of the glazing units are determined by the grades O1, O2 – protect only against injury – and P1, P2 – more resistant to destruction and forming some difficulty when trying to break through them.

Shatter-proof glazing unit

It is designed to protect the house from burglars. It is assumed that the window with such windows and reinforced fittings replaces the bars with a mesh of 15 × 15 cm made from steel rods of 10 mm diameter. In the single-family homes glass of classes P3 and P4 are mainly  used as they are considered as suitable building protection (reduction of premiums typically 5-10%) by the insurance companies .

Absorptive glazing unit

also called antisol. It absorbs some of the energy of solar radiation and thus protects the room from overheating. The absorptive glazing unit is being made with float glass type dyed in mass. The light transmittance decreases to a level from 32 to 72% depending on the thickness and color of the glass;  gray, brown, blue, green colors are available.

Reflective glazing unit

also called reflex or stopsol – is a kind of anti-solar glazing unit, but with a different principle of operation. It may be made from ordinary or colored glass but it also is coated with a metal oxide (or noble metals eg. gold). Another option is gluing to the glazing unit protection foil from the room side, which also protects the glass from breaking.

Decorative glazing unit

Ornamental glass Chin Chilla.
It has the task of reducing the transparency with simultaneously preserving good light transmittance.  The one surface is not smooth, but has a repetitive pattern imprinted (ornament). Thus it can be also used for decorative purposes. Most often it is colorless but there are also glazing units available in the colors of brown and orange.
Ornamental glass Chin Chilla.
Ornamental glass Master-Point.
Ornamental glass Master-Carre.
Ornamental glass sandblasted Flutes.
Ornamental glass Crepi.

Anti-solar glazing units in the windows manufactured by Stolmar

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